I'm a big kid now!

So, Brendon's crib is no longer a crib, but a toddler bed. He actually did really good with bedtime. He went down with no fuss at all, and I crossed my fingers that he would fall asleep quickly. I was down stairs when I heard the pitter-patter of feet and the creak of the door. *sigh* at least there's a baby gate in front of his doorway, so he won't get loose, and I baby toddler Brendon-proofed his room this afternoon. I kept waiting for him to cry to throw his pacifier over the gate, but he never did. I started up the steps then I heard *little feet running*. I peeked in on him and told him he needed to stay in bed and go to sleep. Back down stairs I went.
We repeated this once or twice more. I thought it was so cute that he didn't even whimper, he just stood there. I have no clue what he was trying to do, but every time I went upstairs he'd run back into bed. So I stayed upstairs on the bed.
He got up once more, this time I let him stand there. He stood there silently for about 10 minutes, then for about 5 minutes, he whimpered a little. Not crying/whining, but more of a grunting with his pacifier in his mouth. It started to get worse, so I knew he was getting tired. I would be too! I led him back to bed with a little persuasion. He stayed in bed for a while longer and was so quiet, I thought he had finally fallen asleep, so I went downstairs. I guess the creaky stairs reminded him that he was still awake, and he creeped back out. *creak* went the door. I went up stairs and had a "discussion" with him, and he ended up crying big sobbing tears, so I knew he was so tired. It'd been an hour at this point.
So I took him back to bed and dried his tears and climbed in to bed with him. I facebooked and messaged a friend about this and that while he lied next to me falling asleep. Oh, I was texting Mark too, about where I might be when he came home. FINALLY he was drowsy enough for me to slip away without him caring. There's a mattress next to his bed, toys in the off position, babygate at his doorway, and a towel to keep the door from latching just awaiting his arousal in the morning. I fear he might wake early and be too excited to put himself back to sleep.
But we have embarked on a journey that is not to be undone. Wish us luck! Next mountain, pacifier free! Coming early 2011!

No, there's no physical problems why we are moving our baby-turned-big-boy from all these baby associated items. We just feel that somethings are ready to move on. Brendon was climbing up and down the couches, doing steps up and down, so we felt as if he would safely sleep in a toddler bed. That's all.


  1. I just wanted to leave a quick comment and let you know I saw you comment on my post about my miscarriage.... I am so sorry that you have now walked the same path. It's such terrible disappointment. Sometimes even hard to describe. Just know a friend in Connecticut is praying God's peace and comfort be with you. And maybe - just maybe - our little ones have met and are having a grand ole time with their Savior!

  2. Krys,
    Good luck with that! That's something I'm not looking forward to either. We're planning to take Manny's pacifer away on his 1st birthday. What a horrible present!