Wordless Wednesday

Ok, for real this time.
Each baby has a picture ornament, right? this bright little thing is Brendon's. I love the giraffe on the side. And the cheetah's tail? It's actually fuzzy! How cute is that?

The picture is from our recent Christmas picture sessions. Maybe one day I'll get around to showing them off. It took a while for him to warm up to the photographer, but once he did, he was a star!

It's a little snow family! Everyone with me now, "aww". Our first three-member family ornament. CCM and Karl gave it to us.

Now these two are my true favorites. They're last years versions, but that's ok, becuase I bought them with this year in mind. We were newly pregnant, and all I had on my mind (besides food and throw it up later, sorry!) was I'm a mommy, and Mark's a daddy! Then I found these things on sale, and voila! 2009 ornaments!

{See above notation for this picture.}

How could I do pictures, and not include this little guy? Huh? Doesn't he just make you wish he was on your tree, stealing your peppermints?

OK, so maybe it wasn't completely wordless, but when I'm at home with just myself and the baby is sleeping...*gasp* the baby is sleeping! it's after 4 and he's sound asleep! Maybe I need to go check on him.....

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