Unfounded fears

I've been threatened with my life if I every post pictures of another blow out. I'm not posting pictures, just posting about it! :D The bambino and I went to to Wally-World today to get some much needed groceries. If you were to open my fridge, you'd see...1) milk...2) that's about it. So yeah, it was a much needed trip. Anyways, I knew it was the bambino's naptime, so I took my Moby wrap, which I pretty much love, and slid him in it to do our shopping. In spite of the cart that would not steer straight, I managed to get almost done before BamBam started to stir. He made his little grunting noises, then I heard it.
*insert suspenseful music here*
He pooped. And not just any poop. This poop was all the poop since Sunday some time. He's gotten in to this bad habit of saving his poop for several days then letting it all out at the most inconvenient time (to be changed and cleaned up). A wedding rehearsal, Wally-World, Sunday school...yeah, not so cool. Anyways.
I spent about 2 minutes hoping that it wasn't a lot, just like, the overflow (graphic I know!). However, the smell....need I say more? The smell made it clear that it was not, and could not be contained in a Huggies size 2 diaper. My 11 1/2 week old son will not be deterred by a mere diaper. Oh no! I peeked at the fabric covering his back, *whew* nothing was showing on the outside layer. I lifted that one up, uh oh...I saw some wetness...not good. I skipped right to looking down the back of his shirt. OH MY GOODNESS!
I should not have done that...the smell was worse than the sight! I calmly replaced all the fabric and decided to finish up shopping. I mean, he was already dirty, it had already leaked out and on to my wrap. It's not like I was going to save something from getting dirty, was I? *shrugs* I think my imagination went into overdrive after that. Every little look from other shoppers was a "ew, what's that?!" Every little laugh was "she's got poop leaking out!"
I was trying to remember if I had some clothes in the car that would fit him, and all I could think of was this "super baby" out fit under his seat. It was, well, still is, a new born size. Yeah, I don't think he'd enjoy being stuffed in that so much...so then, I was at Wally-World, right?! They'd have some clothes on sale that I could use to get him home in. Yeah, not so much. NOTHING! It was either way too big (think 24 month or 4T) or way too small (think preemie). Or, it was girls clothing. I wasn't THAT desperate yet...I found nothing.
Well, in the end, I wrapped him up in a receiving blanket so he wouldn't get any residual poop on his carseat. We came right home and I dumped him in the tub. He was probably thinking, "wait, it's not bedtime yet!"
You know, I almost *almost* didn't bring a diaper bag. *almost*
Oh, big news! This wedding I was at this weekend, I was a bridesmaid in it. I hung out with the bride and the other maids, so I left the bambino with my parents a lot. Thursday night was the rehearsal and dinner and Mark wasn't going to be in town yet, so I left the bambino with my parents for the night. That night HE SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT! Did you catch that?! Oh, you missed it!? He slept through the whole, entire night! It was probably about 9 or 10 until 6. Yeah, he was up at six, but that's ok (my parents are early risers) because he didn't wake up to munch at 2 or 3 or 4! Sure, he wouldn't do it for me or his daddy, but he'd do it for gramma and grampa. I was happy, but concerned that it was a one night stand thingy. It wasn't he continued to sleep through the night even when I stayed with him. That's the big news! My baby is sleeping through the night! Right before I went back to work. I had nothing to worry about, I guess!
Another milestone we reached was my first day back at work. It was a good day to start on. I only had 5 patients, two of which left the floor before I got there. One of those never came back, the other didn't come back until 1130. I was hoping things have changed for the better. Not so much. There were two new people (at least two) hired since I've been gone. One just got off of orientation; the other is still on it. But it wasn't as bad as I worried it would be.
I guess this post is long enough, besides I have to go start dinner else we might end up eating pancakes...AGAIN! :)