Who swapped the babies?

I'm guessing it's a combination of the cold and change in schedule from vacation that has turned my happy, non fussy baby into a gremlin that refuses to sleep although he can hardly keep his eyes open, that is screaming hungry yet when offered food, eats for 5 mins before he starts screaming again. He slept the entire car ride from our house to my parent's house (2 hours). He hadn't eaten since two hours prior to that. After crying that he was starving, he only ate for like 15 minutes (He normally does at least 20-25). Since he practically slept all day, he wasn't tired when bedtime came around. Then he woke up to eat like normal at 3, but unlike normal he didn't go back to sleep! Thankfully, my mom offered to take him if he decided to have a midnight party. I tried for about 30 mins to get him to go back to sleep, finally surrendered him to Mom, and slept myself. She said he finally fell back asleep about 5. Today, as of right now, he's had about a total of 2 hours of sleep, and it's going on 5pm. He's been awake this stretch for 2 hours, and although he's starting to stare off in the distance, he shows no signs of closing his eyes to sleep.

I am desperately hoping that this is just a combination of not being home and being sick. Tomorrow, I'm headed with my friend Brie to her bridal dress fitting, so I hope we're doing better then.

As for now, I'll keep on loving this gremlin until my baby is returned, because even baby gremlins need loved.

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