new belly button and babies

MCM's mom left today. The bambino and I took her to the airport. It's just us again. I'm kinda hesitant to see how we'll do. I haven't cooked or cleaned or done laundry since she arrived two weeks ago. I tried to make dinner last night, french toast, but Brendon decided it was time to eat before I could finish. I think we can do this though. I mean, we aren't the first, and won't be the last. Our friends, Cory and Leah just had their baby last night. Miss Baby Girl was born at 11:51pm, weighing 9lbs and 9 oz, and 21 1/2 inches long. She's as big as Brendon is NOW. BamBam was a week and a half late, and Miss Baby Girl was two weeks early. I just realized, of our three babies, Bee, BamBam, and Miss Baby Girl, they've just gotten bigger and bigger: 7.2, 8.4, and now 9.9....I think Devon, who's due in January had better watch out!! Leah's blood pressure was super high, so they induced her labor. I'm planning on headed over to see her this evening. I have to wait till MCM gets home to watch BamBam, cause hospitals don't let outside babies on L&D floors. Cory and Leah hadn't decided on a name for their little girl yet, but I'm excited to meet her anyways!

Here's a cute picture of BamBam sleeping in his moses basket that Aunt Shannon sent for him. I don't have to worry about him flinging himself off the couch. He's go
tten good at scooting himself around in bed or on the couch.
When I lay him down, I put his feet by the back, and in about 15 mins, he'll have wiggled so that his head is where his feet were and he's practically smooshed his face into the back crack of the couch. Silly boy!

Saturday, my baby boy's cord stump fell off. It was looking pretty nasty, and it was bleeding every now and then, not much, but enough to be gross. Then Saturday morning, I took his PJ's off and there it was! It was sitting on his diaper just staring at me. And there was his precious belly button...well, it will be precious when it heals up. It's almost there. So Saturday night we gave him his bath. I think he tolerated it well. He didn't cry. It looked like he might have once or twice, but he didn't. The look on his face when I
lowered him
into the water was priceless. Kinda like, "What the--?!" MCM took the pictures, and he did a good job. Then we swapped; he got the baby and I took pictures of them. He's so good with BamBam.

That monkey and this giraffe are from the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk. We went Saturday morning. It was kinda boring. Definitely geared to the younger population. Half of the exhibits were closed :( and it was super hot and humid. BamBam did good though, until his tummy said he can't wait any longer to be filled. Then we came home and we all crashed on the couches/beds in the house.

Well, I gotta go make something for lunch and go meet MCM at work.

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