Is that a light at the end of this long, long tunnel?

Let's be honest. I'm glad the end is in sight rather than just some foggy future. Midwife doesn't think I'll last the weekend, but they had to be prepared just in case. The earliest they could get me on books for an induction was this Wednesday, but they also put me on the 'on call schedule' for Monday. Just in case someone else was lucky enough to have her baby before then. About 5 this evening, I got the call. A spot opened up Monday for me to slide in to.

At the office, they were sure I was in early labor with some contractions I was having. I was 4 cm dilated, still at 70%, and his head still down at -1. So I guess because of all that, "they" are saying I'm not going to last the weekend. But I have my doubts. I will be very surprised if my labor starts on it's own. I just have the feeling it won't.

There you have it. Monday is the day. Monday at 5am is when we'll be showing up at the hospital. I'm sure they won't even get around to starting all their stuff until 8. That's just how hospitals are, always running late. And besides, there's going to be other women who's labor started spontaneously, and they take precedence over us inductees.

This weekend will be filled with lots of raspberry tea, pineapple, walking, and "other stuff" to try to get things going.

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