Birthday surprises and productivity

My favourite birthday present this year was my sewing machine! I've been waiting all week long to finally use it, and today was the day. I'm finishing up what few quilting products I'd started before I had stuff like college and then a job to cloud my days. One was a mini quilt from....before 12th grade, I can tell you that! I was missing a piece for the edging, but found some suitable stuff in my parent's attic. With the arrival of the sewing machine, and the pending arrival of Bobbie Jo, I've got my sights fixed on making a quilt before said baby is born. I found a pattern called 'crumbs' today. Let me go see if I can find a pick online (my picture taking has gone on strike)...here's crumbs. I guess I have to wait until we find out what type we're having for me to buy the fabric and start cutting. I'm not to big on the diagonal layout, so if any of you, my thousands many few readers, have any baby quilt ideas send them my way. I hate applique, and curves, but I'm up to the challenge of a harder level thing.

On the Baby front, 7 weeks tomorrow and still not active morning sickness. Just the nausea that shows up every now and then, more at night it seems. And after eating. I was going to get some ginger ale, but I forgot. My favourite, orange juice, gives me heartburn :( I still haven't gained any weight.

That's about it.


  1. You dont hafta wait! Just pick neutral colors. I love the quilt, but I will keep an eye out for patterns for you!

  2. Oh...I love that pattern!! I'd say keep it. You could do shades of green. I like that idea VERY much!!

    Maybe you could pick up a quilting magazine at the craft store? They usually have cute ones in there, and lots of different designs from easy to advanced.

    Happy quilting!!

  3. Hey girl, I am so excited for you!!! Congrats on the baby! I see I missed a lot while we were off line. I am also soon to start a guilt for the baby, actually all 4 of my babies. They are getting them for Christmas next year.