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My husband decided that it was time to update my blog. So here's an update. Last week, after the 4th of July, we had a houseful of family. Honestly, it was crowded and I missed our space, but I didn't mind sacrificing it for the fun we had. We took Cynthia, our nine month old niece, to the pool one afternoon. She had this little blow up boat that she sat in for a while. After she gained a little courage, she 'swam' around in mommy's arms. This pool was a whole lot warmer than the ocean or my parent's pool that we visited.
Speaking of the ocean, we took a trip to Virginia Beach one day while Mark had to work. That was the day I braved the tunnels. We walked along the board walk and initiated Cynthia to the ocean. She did not like it that much. I wouldn't have liked it either, it was cold! I think that day was one day I could have been blind and not minded it. Oh, the people that were there and the clothes they didn't wear. I had to restrain myself from gouging out my eyes several times by reminding myself that if I did that, then there goes my job, driving, practically everything. So I spared myself and just shut them instead.
Friday, I think it was, several of us went out looking for a beach. We found one, just about 20 minutes or so away. It wasn't a tourist-type beach, but it worked for our purpose. It was the first time that the current McMillen family had been together since...ever. Mark's dad and brother-in-law were unable to make our wedding. Since this was a {inject whatever adjective you this is appropriate here} occasion, we took some family pictures. Here's a few.

just us pretty girls

Cynthia likes playing patti-cake, especially while getting her picture taken with Aunt Melinda!

Don't you just love the windblown effect?

Back row: Mark, Dad, Josh, David
Front row: Krystina, Mom, Shannon, Melinda
Lap row: Cynthia

Matt and Deanna (our Sunday school teacher and his wife) just gave birth to their second son on the 15th. They had been concerned about his kidneys not working properly while in utero, and recently, they've found some cysts on one kidney while the other kidney is dilated from working to compensate for the other. In addition to that, Noah's bili levels are high, so he's getting phototherapy treatments at a children's hospital across the water. While all that is going on, their other son, Bryce, has a fever, swollen lymph nodes, bilateral ear infections, and tonsilitis. He's also hospitalized awaiting a much needed CT scan, which he's not laying very still for (he's only three). Thankfully, both of the boys are at the same hospital, though different floors, I'd imagine. Please, keep them all in your prayers. What should be a happy celebration has turned into trials and grief. I still don't think that Bryce has been able to meet his new little brother, since he had a fever while Deanna was having Noah.

Is that a good update? I'm going to try to get over to CHKD (that's the hospital, Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters) Monday before I have to work. I have to go in from 3pm to 7pm. Visiting hours don't start till 10, but I think I can make it there before lunch and be back in time to get some house stuff done. It might be a few days before I let you know what's happened cause I'm really working this week. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. All 12's except Monday.

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