What to do, what to do?

So I didn't take the cookies to work. I forgot them on the table. I was going to bring them the day after that, but I forgot them again. But that's ok, cause they're really yummy, and Mark likes them.
Wanna hear the story? Ok, I'll tell it to you. Someone at work (I'm not going to mention their name, because I'm not sure if it was 100% legal for them to convince me to ask off) said because I'm on orientation, I can get days off just by asking. So I was thinking how I really didn't want to work Sunday. I'd miss a beautiful Easter Service, miss a yummy dinner at Mark's boss's house, and miss Mark. So I asked to switch (see, I'd still be working...). My manager said she'd have to get back to me about it. I figured I'd just go in the next day (my day off) and show her some options. Well, she called me Friday before I could head over there and asked if I wanted to just drop the shift or rearrange. I chose rearrange, knowing that I'd have to work three 12's in a row. She let me, and so I do, and so I didn't go to the hospital, and so I didn't bring the cookies to the hospital. I mean, they weren't that sick anyways. I was thinking they could crash on the couch until they felt better. It worked!
I spent lots of time yesterday wondering what I would to today, on my day off. My options
  • Cleaning the house
  • Doing dishes
  • Doing laundry
  • Watching House all day
  • All of the above
  • Something else
I chose the "something else." I went to Barnes & Noble's. They let you read their books, drink their coffee and buy the book once you get hooked on it. So I won't be going back to Barnes & Noble's until I finish the book. It'll probably take me till next week until I need another Barnes & Noble fix.
I'm working three 12's in a row starting tomorrow. Fun, huh? This weekend, we're making the great trek down south. I'm not sure, but we both want to go see the Living Gallery thingy at Bobby J's place. Also, one of my friends is having a surprise bridal shower. Well, her sister is having it for her, but you knew what I meant.
Nothing else much going on. Oh, I did clean the house. I did do the dishes. I did do the laundry. I even managed to squeeze in an episode or two of House, MD :)
Now on to making dinner. I thought ahead and took out some ground beef for tacos last night. But the trouble with me doing that is that now I'm not in the mood for tacos. Oh well, I'll see if they appeal to Mark. Probably do. I'll be fine, thanks for asking :)

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