its me the crab

this is marks and krystinas crab
i live in the apartment with them
since theyre so busy i though id let you know what was going on in their world
krystinas been working at the hospital alot lately
she comes home late on the days she works and i miss her
mark works the usual but hes been doing some weird stuff
like making dinner
anyways i want to let you know that they havent forgotten about you their just working

it was krystinas day off today
she slept late but then she got this terrible idea to clean
she almost made me and the snake help but we got distracted with all the cool stuff we found on the floor
so we didnt help
my favorite part of the day is when mark decides to throw me
and oh boy does he throw
the snake just hides
which is why i cant find him to take a picture of him
i overheard krystina tal
king to her mom about visiting them in march
i think the 14th and 15th but i cant remember

well time for me to go nap again
all this typing has made my legs tired


  1. Dear Crab,
    Thanks for the update on Mark and Krystina. Tell Mark not to burn down the apartment in his dinner making adventures. I hope your friend the snake can be found soon.
    You think you have it bad being thrown by Mark, well watch out! This summer I'm bringing a baby over to visit that will drool all over you!
    "Aunt" Shannon and your sweet baby cousin Cynthia

  2. I'm SO disappointed! I thought maybe you had adopted a pet hermit crab. They really are fun and very low-maintenance. Much easier than puppies. You really should look into it - they're such lovable creatures!

  3. stupid crab. It is going to be the hammer for you!!!

  4. Dear Crab,
    I hope Mark doesn't burn the house down...and that Krystina doesn't practice giving shots on you. Pooor crab....

  5. Dear Crab,

    Be glad you don't live at our house. There is a little boy here who likes to drool all over me. He really likes to stick my legs in his mouth or nose. Thankfully he hasn't tried to stuff me down his diper yet. But he is constantly chewing on my lips or trying to suck my eyeballs off. If you were here, I'm sure he'd try to eat you, too!

    --The Frog